Monday, August 11, 2008

In which I am happy

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It's been a hectic week, and an off month due to some personal stuff (if you need to know, you probably already do). So what I'm going to do here is an exercise that was recommended by Trent at The Simple Dollar.
Just try this little experiment tomorrow.
From the very start of the day, keep a little notepad with you and jot down everything that makes you feel genuinely happy inside. Don’t worry about whether it’s something big or something small - if you feel a twinge of happiness, jot it down.
Then, a day or two later, do it again. Make four or five little lists of the things that made you feel happiness during a given day - the things that made you feel good.
By now, you’ll have a few nice little lists. Go through them and eliminate any good feelings that make you feel bad when you look back on them, like silly frivolous purchases that were a rush when you made them but now feel like a waste to you.
The items remaining are a collection of the good things in your life. These are the things that bring you joy on a regular basis and provide the fuel for you to keep going.
So instead of a normal anecdote, I'm going to make this page an ongoing exercise. I'll update you from time to time. In return, what makes you happy? (Let's all keep it PG, please.)
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