Saturday, April 3, 2010

In which I get ready for another year

N.Y. Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers, Madison ...Image via WikipediaJolie at Jolie Guillebeau: Paintings and Musings apparently mentioned to Havi at The Fluent Self a ritual in which one makes a list on one's birthday of x items one wants to do in the next year, with x equaling one's age on the birthday.
On Monday, I turn 27.  Here are some things I'd like to do by the time I'm 28.
  1. Learn to ride a bike.
  2. Get my driver's license 
  3. Get my own domain and move my blogs there.
  4. Obtain at least one new pen-pal
  5. See one of the American sites on my list of Things to Do Before I Die
  6. Go somewhere I've never been before (the above does not count)
  7. Read one of the books on the same list.
  8. Watch one movie from the AFI 100
  9. Watch a second movie from the AFI 100
  10. Watch a third movie from the AFI 100
  11. Come up with an idea for an ebook.  Not necessarily write the thing, but come up with the idea.
  12. Actually win NaNoWriMo
  13. Read a book off my reading list (Not counting #7)
  14. Read a second book off my reading list
  15. Read a third book off my reading list
  16. Read a fourth book off my reading list
  17. Read a fifth book off my reading list
  18. Read a sixth book off my reading list
  19. Read a seventh book off my reading list
  20. Read an eighth book off my reading list
  21. Read a ninth book off my reading list
  22. Read a tenth book off my reading list
  23. Submit a piece of writing for publication
  24. Buy an outfit that makes me look amazing, and not freak out about the price
  25. Attend a Flyers home game.
  26. See the Pacific
  27. Join something: a club, organization, or team
  28. Attend a cherry blossom festival
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Jolie said...

Good luck with your list!! My 30 things when I was 30 was amazing. I had lots of small things (learn to jump rope, make a cheese danish, have a fondue party) and a couple of huge things (a hot air balloon ride, a trip to NYC, seeing the Grand Canyon) and they all came together marvelously. So I'd challenge you to put something really big on there as one of those last two things. I'll be cheering for you!

Laura said...

Thanks, Jolie! Actually, I already had two sort of daunting tasks on there: I've lost at NaNoWriMo several years running, and seeing the Pacific may well not happen because our vacation plans are completely up in the air.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Unknown said...

Hooray for birthday lists! And happy year of things you want!

And I second Jolie's wise words about the power of things that seem unlikely.

Cheering you along too. Count me in as one of the symbolic fairy godmothers!

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