Friday, June 5, 2009


Sorry for the disappearance, folks. Life got, well, boring for a while. But I'm ramping up to do something that is not only not boring, it is downright odd!

See, Chris and I are having a hard time picking our first dance song for our wedding. We had it narrowed down to four good, but not perfect choices, but then more options kept coming up. So, randomly, I started taking note of every song that was good enough, even if not perfect. And what shall I do with this unweildy list, you may ask? Why, my friends, I shall create a bracket!

Ok, I'm not gathering up 64 songs. That's excessive. But I've got 32, which is quite enough.

Also, as far as seeding goes, I went in order of length, so that a long song has to be *amazing* in order to beat a short song. Because no one wants to sit through a decade-long first dance, amiright?

So below is a link to the bracket. Over the next couple of weeks, you'll see polls open, with commentray on each match-up. Each poll will be open a week or until I get 25 votes (I don't think 25 people even read this blog, but what the heck).

And of course Chris and I reserve the right to, you know, not actually use the winner... but your feedback will help us, no matter what!

So! Check it out, and feel free to sign up for the service and make predictions, while you're at it.

Observe: the bracket!

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