Saturday, February 27, 2010

In which I consider the year ahead: a personal ad.

Yes, we're well into 2010.  That doesn't mean I shouldn't think about what I still want from the year.


What I want:

Meaningful work.  It doesn't have to be a full-time job (multiple part-time jobs or plentiful one-shot work is just fine with me).  But it has to effect people who don't live in the same apartment as me, and it has to be in at least in a neutral way, preferably in an ideal way.

It ought to involve writing, at least tangentially.  Editing is fine, too. If I can make some money off my blog, that would be awesome, but I don't expect that to be a major source of income this year, at least.

As a sub-request, I need the focus to keep my blogs updated more frequently, and to apply to positions I come across online

How this might work:

My current opportunities could prove fruitful.
You, my dear readers, could take advantage of my talents.
Friends whom I've helped in the past can spread the word.
I could fall in love with something I find online.
Something else I haven't thought of, and I'm open to suggestions.

My commitment:

I will work hard with my current opportunities.
I will stay current with invoices.
I will mention that I am available for hire in public fora (hint hint!).
I will apply to jobs I find online.
I will make blogging a priority, instead of viewing it as a selfish luxury that has to wait until everything, ever, is finished.

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