Saturday, November 13, 2010

In which I need momentum (a Personal Ad)

What I'm looking for:

Momentum! I'm fighting inertia right now, and I need a push so that the object at rest (me) will be an object in motion.

How this might work:

My 15-minute and 30-minute playlists will help me do things in musical chunks.
External deadlines could be imposed.
External incentives could be offered.
Internal deadlines and incentives could magically start being effective.
Something will make me really excited.

My commitment: 

I will do things I don't like in 15- or 30-minute chunks interspersed with things I kind of like doing.
I will figure out some sort of reward system for myself that does not involve eating or spending money (this is tough).
I will follow up on ideas that excite me.


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