Saturday, September 25, 2010

In which it gets better

Sex advice columnist, journalist, and newspape...Image via WikipediaBilly Lucas committed suicide after unbearable homophobic bullying.

There is no evidence that Billy actually was gay, but LGBT kids are far more likely than straight kids to commit suicide -- and frankly, straight kids who are mercilessly bullied often don't feel like there's hope, either.

Columnist Dan Savage read Billy's story, looked back at his ow adolescence, and wished he could have told Billy, and kids like him, that life gets better.

So now he is.

Go to his new YouTube channel, , and see the message Dan and his husband, Terry, recorded for kids, specifically LGBT kids, who might be afraid that their current hell really is the "best years of their lives."

And if you fit the bill, consider recording your own messages to help save kids like Billy.

And even if not, spread the word.

The video:

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