Sunday, August 23, 2009

In which I write personal ads.

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Havi at The Fluent Self has a weekly ritual in which she posts personal ads for the things and people she wants and needs in her life. I love the idea, so I am heretofore going to rip her off.

Prolific communicator with endless opinions seeks same for pen-pal relationship. Let's keep the centuries-old tradition alive and count among the last great correspondents.

Topics unlimited. I am not easily offended, but be sure you are likewise and can take what you give. Sample topics might include books recently read, life lessons learned from daily tasks, updates on major milestones, progress towards goals, and explorations on topics not discussed in polite society.

Regular correspondence is a must, although "regular" may be defined as anything from a short note once a week to an encyclopedic missive twice a year. I tend toward the latter but am flexible. Ideally, holiday and birthday greetings would be included in the correspondence (but would not count toward the "twice a year missive").

The ideal candidate already has my home address, as I do not give it out online. I begin all replies immediately after receiving a letter; long responses will take longer to finish.

No dabblers, please. Apply by post; I have sent letters that have received no response, and would like to weed out such candidates.

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