Saturday, October 3, 2009

In which I write a second personal ad

It's time for another personal ad.  Once again, I want to give credit to Havi at The Fluent SelfPlease note: I am not looking for a date, here!

Me: A young adult who missed the horizon-broadening experiences of study-abroad.
You: Broader horizons.

Are you an adventure that will get me off this coast?  Do you scoff at tourist traps because -- let's face it -- they don't really convey current culture?  Can you immerse me in experiences to the point where I'm never quite the same?

I'm especially looking for you if you can account for a brand-new husband.  Invite him along, or alleviate my guilt for leaving him behind, and you get an express pass to the short list.

Expense is acceptable, but I'm willing to spend more if you can be somehow monetized.  Courses and retreats are welcome to apply!

In return, I'm committed to milking the experience for all it has to offer.  No halfway about it, here.  I ask that you keep me reasonably safe, but coddlers need not apply: risk is part of life, and I need some living!

The right situation can find me by way of serendipity or word-of-mouth. Don't just knock, Opportunity: ring the bell!

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