Saturday, November 20, 2010

In which I wonder what you'd like to read

So what kind of posts do you enjoy most?

Lengthy descriptions of this thing or that?

Personal rants about what's going on?

Cute little surveys?

Links and my opnions on what they have to do with anything?

Something else entirely?

Lists and stories of accomplishing things?

Seriously.  Let me know in the comments.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

In which I need momentum (a Personal Ad)

What I'm looking for:

Momentum! I'm fighting inertia right now, and I need a push so that the object at rest (me) will be an object in motion.

How this might work:

My 15-minute and 30-minute playlists will help me do things in musical chunks.
External deadlines could be imposed.
External incentives could be offered.
Internal deadlines and incentives could magically start being effective.
Something will make me really excited.

My commitment: 

I will do things I don't like in 15- or 30-minute chunks interspersed with things I kind of like doing.
I will figure out some sort of reward system for myself that does not involve eating or spending money (this is tough).
I will follow up on ideas that excite me.


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Saturday, November 6, 2010

In which I get back to the list

Cover of "Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile...Cover of Fables Vol. 1: Legends in ExileIt's been a while since I revisited it, but I have this list of 28 things I want to do before I turn 28.
So since it's been a while, let me revisit the items I had not yet completed as of last time, one by one.

1. Learn to ride a bike.

Hasn't happened yet.  I found an organization that gives adults lessons for free, but I'd have to rent one of their bikes, and the form to do so was messed up.  Hopefully by March or really early April, I'll be able to try again.  Otherwise, I may need an item to replace this one (feel free to suggest).

2. Get my driver's license

Well, I got my permit, and I've been practicing.  I need to look into local driver's ed programs, since it's been so long (and in a different state) since I took one.  That's going on my short-term to-do list.

3. Get my own domain and move my blogs there.

No progress.

4. Obtain at least one new pen-pal

Possible progress.  I need to be better about my correspondence.  Another thing going on my short-term to-do list.

5. See one of the American sites on my list of Things to Do Before I Die

No progress.  Not likely to be much, although I might be able to swing Baltimore at some point.  Another item for which I might need a replacement.

6. Go somewhere I've never been before (the above does not count)


7. Read one of the books on the same list.

 As it turns out, all are series.  All are in progress.  Making more progress than I had when I started counts, right?

11. Come up with an idea for an ebook.  Not necessarily write the thing, but come up with the idea.

No progress.  Anything you might want to read from me?

12. Actually win NaNoWriMo

Ready to go!  I have my idea in mind, I'm re-reading No Plot No Problem, and I'm not going to discuss it otherwise because the less I say about these things, the more likely I am to finish them.

14. Read a second book off my reading list

 This one's a little tough, since I don't have a record of exactly when I read each book.  Still, if the last book I read off the list last update was Alas, Babylon!, then I can make a reasonable assumption (based largely off some library receipts I've scrounged up) that I have read Volume One of Fables...

15. Read a third book off my reading list

Volume Two of Fables...

16. Read a fourth book off my reading list

 Volume One of Sandman...  (What?  I can put graphic novels on my reading list if I want!)

17. Read a fifth book off my reading list

And Against Depression.  I know there have been more, but since I can't pinpoint the dates, that's all I can confirm for now.  So we'll skip the other "Reading list" items and more on to...

23. Submit a piece of writing for publication

No progress.

24. Buy an outfit that makes me look amazing, and not freak out about the price

Some progress.  I just need things to which I can wear my new clothes.  Why can't practical ever be sexy?!  Or vice versa?!

25. Attend a Flyers home game.

No progress. I should look at their schedule again...

26. See the Pacific

No progress.  Not looking likely.  Another item I may need to replace on this list.

27. Join something: a club, organization, or team

Tentatively accomplished.   I've only been to two meetings of the book club so far.  i'm crossing it off but reserving the right to add it back on should this not work out.

28. Attend a cherry blossom festival

No progress, but this one is easy enough -- I'll just get myself to Central Park in early spring.

So as you can see, I'm definitely up for tips and encouragement, as well as ideas o replace some items I may have to give up.  Leave a comment if you've got any thoughts!

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