Saturday, March 12, 2011

In which I check in with the list for March

Source: via WikipediaOK, it doesn't look like much will get done this month that didn't get done in the last 11, so let's do an overall recap.  If anything gets done between now and my birthday, I'll let you know.

  1. Learn to ride a bike. -- Nope.
  2. Get my driver's license -- Nope
  3. Get my own domain and move my blogs there. -- Nope
  4. Obtain at least one new pen-pal -- Almost, but losing my notebook was a major setback.
  5. See one of the American sites on my list of Things to Do Before I Die -- I did a decent amount of traveling, but didn't manage this.
  6. Go somewhere I've never been before (the above does not count) -- Several! London, Paris, Brussels.... Chicago.
  7. Read one of the books on the same list. -- Too many are series.  It's a trap!
  8. Watch one movie from the AFI 100 -- Done
  9. Watch a second movie from the AFI 100 -- Done
  10. Watch a third movie from the AFI 100 -- Done
  11. Come up with an idea for an ebook.  Not necessarily write the thing, but come up with the idea. -- Nope.  Am open to suggestions.
  12. Actually win NaNoWriMo  -- Hahahaha.  No.
  13. Read a book off my reading list (Not counting #7) -- Done
  14. Read a second book off my reading list -- Done
  15. Read a third book off my reading list -- Done
  16. Read a fourth book off my reading list -- Done
  17. Read a fifth book off my reading list -- Done
  18. Read a sixth book off my reading list -- Done
  19. Read a seventh book off my reading list -- Done
  20. Read an eighth book off my reading list -- Done
  21. Read a ninth book off my reading list -- Done
  22. Read a tenth book off my reading list -- Done
  23. Submit a piece of writing for publication -- Nope.  Didn't even finish one.
  24. Buy an outfit that makes me look amazing, and not freak out about the price -- Eh.... maybe.  Sort of.
  25. Attend a Flyers home game. -- Nope.
  26. See the Pacific -- Nope.  Next year doesn't look good, either.
  27. Join something: a club, organization, or team -- Book club, yay.
  28. Attend a cherry blossom festival -- This is really the only one I might do in the next month.  I'll let you know.
Not a very productive year, is it?  Let's see if I can do better in the year ahead... list will be up soon, but I'm open to suggestions in the meantime.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

In which I vacation by myself (a Personal Ad)

BoltBus #0800 in New York City on the West Sid...Image via WikipediaI am in favor of the mancation.

Occasionally, Chris's guy friends will want to get away for an overnight or a weekend, usually to Atlantic City.  This is fine with me; I trust Chris, and I have no interest in the activities of the weekend.

It does, however, raise the question, "Why does he get an extravagant weekend away and I don't?"

Well, of course, I can.

I have, actually.  Once, I went to Washington, DC by myself for the weekend.  I took the BoltBus down, stayed in a hotel in Alexandria that was right next to the Metro station, and wore myself out on tourism.  It was nice.

But what else can I do?  Most internet searches for ideas either give me essays on why taking separate vacations is not a red flag for my marriage (which, thanks, I wasn't worried 'til you brought it up!), or lists of incredibly girly ideas for Girls' Weekends (which I dismiss for multiple reasons).

So, I shall write a Personal Ad about it.

What I'm looking for

I don't have a driver's license yet, so anywhere I go would have to be reasonably easy to get to by bus or train from Manhattan, and easy to get around by foot or public transit.

Likewise, wherever I stay would have to be within easy walking distance to public transit.

I wouldn't be able to embark any earlier than 5:30 PM Friday (preferably 6:00), so my destination would either have to be within 3 hours of Manhattan, or have late-night activities that would not require me to drink alone.

That said, I'm happy to drink with others, so if we know each other and your town of residence otherwise fits the bill, I'd love to meet up Friday night!

Once I check out of my hotel on Sunday, I'd either have to carry my stuff around or stash it with the hotel staff and come back for it.  I'd like Sunday to involve more than just traveling, so I'm looking for one or more of the following:
    • The hotel to be very close to the bus or train station I'm using to get home.
    • Things to do, open on Sunday, that are either very close to the hotel or very close to the bus or train station mentioned above.
    • Things to do in between those two places where 
      • I wouldn't have to do much walking, since I'll have to carry my bag
      • I could safely stash my bag
      • I could carry my bag easily, because the place I'm going to allows that none of my weekend's activities would require me to bring much
Speaking of which, activities where I don't need much.  I really don't want to bring more than a change of clothes for each day, maybe a set of pajamas, a jacket, some toiletries, and my purse.  If I bring my Kindle, I won't need to bring my laptop or any extra books.

Food!  Cheap, delicious, or both!

What I'm not looking for

I prefer activities not cost an arm and a leg.  The beauty of DC was that I could wander in and out of museums on a whim.  If I  have to pay $35 for admission, then I'm going to see every inch of that museum, and that would likely take up my whole day.  So things should either be cheap enough that I can wander off when I choose, or awesome enough to be my primary activity for the weekend.

Staying in New York is not an option.  Yes, I can do a ton in the city, but the fact is, I won't.  Last time I took this option, I went to the Brooklyn Museum for the First Saturday events, which was fun... but otherwise I sat around and did nothing.  Not an option!

How this might work

One of you could leave a comment here.

I could get feedback on Twitter or Facebook.

I could come across an idea online.

A random magazine or newspaper article could fall into my hands.

Something else I haven't thought of.

My commitment

I will Tweet a link to this post.

I will keep an open mind about suggestions.

I will take lots of pictures.

If you want me to, I will post my pictures from Washington, as well.

I will return the favor!  If you're looking for things to do in New York, or just happen to be there and want to meet for coffee or lunch or a drink*, let me know!

*Offer to meet only valid for people I've met IRL before, but since that's most of you it shouldn't be an issue.  Certain exceptions may be made for longtime internet acquaintances, but I promise nothing.

So, do you have any ideas?
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