Saturday, October 10, 2009

In which I need a duck

I think I might need a duck.

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

Well, I've told you about Havi before, right?  Well, she has a duck.  Selma. Selma helps run the business.  A silent partner, if you like.

Selma is, by all accounts, awesome in many ways.  One of the ways in which she is awesome is that she sort of serves as Havi's gatekeeper.

People who recgonize Selma as awesome are the type of people Havi wants to attract to her blog and her services.  People who think the duck is stupid, childish, creepy, whatever can go elsewhere.

Now, I don't need a literal duck.

But we all have people we get along with better than others, people who can help us and whom we can help.

And Selma, for Havi, is  -- as I interpret it, anyway -- a sort of Shibboleth, a way of identifying who those people are.

Now, we all know there aren't that many people even reading this, so the fact that you're even here probably means you pass.

But I'm open to suggestions for my version of a Duck.

Maybe I should write a personal ad about it...


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kat said...

I've kept this open in my tabs for a week or so now (since Havi first mentioned it). I can totally relate. I keep thinking that I need my own "duck" as well to attract and help to rule out My Right People.

Did you write an ad for it? I've done that once (not for a Duck or My Right People...for acceptance with getting, making and receiving money), and I can say, it's a powerful process.

Let me know how it goes...

Laura said...

Thanks, Kat.

I've written ads, sure, and even had some modest success.. but I havent written an ad for a Duck yet, unless you count this post. I'm seriously consiering it, though.

Thanks again!

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