Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Help pick our wedding song -- Round 1 (part two)!

So hopefully by now you've voted in the first 8 games -- if not, go do it now  -- most of the polls are still open!

Remember: you have 1 week from when the poll goes live to vote, but not every poll is going up at the same time, so check in regularly.

And here is the second half of Round 1!

(Note: if you see a poll from the first half of Round 1, that means the polls closed with a tie, or an insanely low vote count -- so if you haven't voted on that one, go ahead and break that tie!)

Iris (Video) (Lyrics) is a nice song, danceable fairly appropriate generationally, with nice lyrics... and I feel like I'm trying to convince myself. It works really well on paper, doesn't it? Leave a comment and convince me...

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (Video) (Lyrics) is a much stranger choice (which, as you may have picked up by now, tends to be a good thing), and it's still quite lyrically appropriate. It's far from timely, but dancing shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Added bonus? It featured prominently in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, a show Chris and I both love.

Feel free to prove me wrong, but Prediction: I'm Gonna Be.

Here Comes the Sun (Video) (Lyrics) has a very nice sense of "things are going to be ok from here on out." It's danceable and cheerful and appropriate but not entirely conventional.

All You Need Is Love (Video) (Lyrics) is more of the classic wedding song, which has both its pros and its cons. It's probably easy to dance to, but I don't know if it's as much fun to dance to.

In the battle of the Beatles, less conventional and more danceable make the decision. Prediction: Here Comes the Sun.

I'm a Believer (Video) (Lyrics) is classic Monkees -- cute, goofy, a little weird, and insanely danceable. But... it's the Monkees. Debateably the prototypical boyband. Boyband, people.

Truly Madly Deeply (Video) (Lyrics) is more a traditional-syle love song, and it's far more generationally appropriate, but to me it says less "Today I marry my friend" and more "Sex! Yay! Oh, and romance too."

If it's good enough for Shrek, it's good enough for me. Prediction: I'm a Believer.

Unforgettable (Video) (Lyrics) is a very sweet, classic, romantic song, easy to dance to. But all those aspects make it a little cliched. Also? She's singing with her dead father.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love (Video) (Lyrics) is not even remotely grandmother-friendly. Well, not our grandmothers. That's not a deal-breaker, mind you, but as completely awesome the song is, it's pretty heavy on the sexuality.

This is a sort of an apples vs oranges game, and I would not be at all surprised if I was wrong, but Prediction: I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

They Stood Up For Love (Video) (Lyrics) is a great song. It's very inspirational, very pro-love on a general basis -- not perfectly grandmother-friendly, if you look at the first line, though.

Maybe I'm Amazed (Video) (Lyrics) is also a very nice song. It's too slow to do much with, but lyrically it's just amazing.

Still, dancing counts. Prediction: They Stood Up For Love.

You're Still the One (Video) (Lyrics) is a good song. It's a crossover from the realm of coutrny music, which is a pro for a lot of people, though not necessarily for us. I've actually heard punk covers of it that, while silly, were pretty good. The lyrics can't get much better, either.

Best of My Love (Video) (Lyrics) is an older, faster song that I think is likely more danceable. The lyrics might not be quite as good, but they're still good, and the music is more fun. Plus, the fact that it's a classic means it's likely falling out of use among people our age, making it less conventional.

In this case, uniqueness trumps generational propriety. Prediction: Best of My Love

At Last (Video)(Lyrics) is an excellent song for the first song at a wedding. It's short, pretty, meaningful, and easy to dance to. That makes it a big, giant cliche. Also? The President and First Lady danced to it at the Inaugural Ball, which means it's likely even more of a cliche at weddings.

I Just Called to Say I Love You (Video) (Lyrics) is another one of those songs that may not be quite as perfect on a technical level, but will make people smile when they realize that, while it may never have occurred to them, it's really a good choice. Plus it's a bit more upbeat (and a bit less possessive, let's be honest).

You should be able to tell from this breakdown how I'm leaning, although if the voting audience proves me wrong, I will not be surprised. Even so, Prediction: I Just Called to Say I Love You.

Unchained Melody (Video) (Lyrics) is probably best known for being that song from Ghost. It's a lovely, romantic song, if maybe a tiny bit on the slow side.

Just the Way You Are (Video) (Lyrics) is more danceable I think, and has more relateable lyrics -- maybe not the most complementary lyrics, but that's the point. Billy Joel belongs more to our parents' generation than ours, but there's nothing wrong with catering to the parents.

You can't really go wrong on this one, but Prediction: Just the Way You Are.

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