Monday, June 6, 2011

In which I get ready for another year (28th birthday edition)

Promotional posterImage via WikipediaSo I didn't do all 28 things before I turned 28.  OK.  So I need to take what I learned from that and maybe adjust my ambitions.  Reading 10 books off the reading list is too much of a gimme.  Achieving tons of travel goals is too tough.  And super-ambitious projects... they really count as more than one task, don't they? So let's find some middle ground. Especially when I've been lagging on even getting the posted.

Here is my list of 29 things I want to do before I turn 29:

  1. Visit one city I've never been to before.  This might be a gimme, but in a way that might not really count, so I'm hoping, but not insisting, that I do one other than the "gimme" city.  I'll explain when it happens. 
  2. Take professional driving instruction.
  3. Pass the road test and get my drivers license.  I've been resolving to do this for years.  I no longer have an excuse.
  4. Finish Age of Federalism.  I've been picking at it for a while now.  It's very interesting, but extremely slow going. 
  5. Re-watch  Lost Season 1
  6. Blog each episode as I watch them with my retrospective opinions. I've been wanting to do this since the series finale.
  7. Write an essay, article, short story, or poem.
  8. Edit it to my satisfaction.
  9. Research markets.
  10. Submit my piece for publication.
  11. Figure out what kinds of blog posts readers like best.
  12. Collect my best of those types of posts.
  13. Add extra "bonus" material.
  14. Edit the collection.
  15. Convert to PDF.
  16. Make available on my blog(s).
  17. Get my mother's brownie recipe.
  18. Perfect it.
  19. Personalize it.
  20. Research my favorite bands' tour schedules
  21. Sync their calendar with my own.
  22. Buy tickets!
  23. Research companies to find stock I feel good about and can afford.
  24. Buy low!
  25. Lose 10 pounds
  26. Keep it off at least until my 29th birthday.
  27. Write and send 10 snail-mail letters
  28. Get back into private, dead-tree journaling
  29. Meet my personal "books read" goal for the year.
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