Monday, February 7, 2011

In which I check in with the list for February

Cover of "The Zombie Survival Guide: Comp...Cover via AmazonSo let's check in my list of 28 Things to Do Before I'm 28 since the last time I checked in.

4. Obtain at least one new pen-pal.

Ugh!  Not only do I have no real progress on this one, I can't fine the notebook in which I have a half-written letter that I was planning to finish and send out in January.  This is driving me to distraction, because I know exactly where I had it last, and it's nowhere near there.

7. Read one of the books on the same list.

 I read another volume of Sandman.  Now, reading the entirety of Sandman is what's on my list, so while this is progress, it's not like this particular item is going to be complete.

19-22. Read [seven-ten] books off my reading list

7-9. Three more volumes of Fables.
10. The Zombie Survival Guide

24. Buy an outfit that makes me look amazing, and not freak out about the price

Ugh, I don't know.  Maybe.  I always think I look terrible, and Chris always thinks I look great, so I have no reliable meter here.  And even when I think I look good, I get where I'm going and everyone else is wearing the opposite. Help?
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