Friday, August 29, 2008

Linky goodness

I really don't want to get into detail about why right now, but I highly recommend this series on metal illness by Dave at The Prodigal.  I want to applaud Dave both on the candidness of his writing and the thoroughness of his research.


David L said...

Thanks for the link and the recommendation. I'm glad that people are finding the information and seeing it.

And I'd really like to know the details of why... Everyone has a story related to mental illness, and they are *all* important to the discussion.


David L said...

Oh how funny. I guess if I would have looked closer, I would have recognized your site.... I know the details, and you truly do have an excellent view of mental illness.

Laura said...

@Dave Thanks! I saw your first comment, and my first thought was, "But he already knows why!"

It's one of those things where those who need to know, do, and those who don't should just relax and read your posts :)

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